Condition as Seen

We assess the overall or partial condition of ships: fast, binding and with a lot of experience. Our professional expertise also offers you an opinion on the behaviour of crews and other relevant parties and we identify the underlying factors.

Expert opinion

Condition Examination

  • For insurers and charterers of ships
  • For current or future owners

Damage Examination

  • In case of accidents worldwide
  • For large and small incidents - also for repairs
  • Inspection of the documentation of machine failures, including drive and auxiliary equipment, freight and environmental systems.


  • In the event of contractual disputes, e. g. in the case of new buildings or conversions
  • On behalf of shipyards or buyers
  • Fast on-site support worldwide
  • Specialist network in Europe and the Far East

Your contact person:
Peter Mackeprang
+ 49 (0) 40 851 866 72
+ 49 (0) 163 309 59 18